Purple Martins' diet consists primarily of insects. With bright orange against jet black, accented with white, this little bird makes quite the style statement. How to Make Nectar for Oriole Feeders. Tanagers eat primarily insects, but also fruit and berries. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Get your yard ready for spring migrants by growing native plants. Orioles eat both insects and the nectar of flowering shrubs and trees. You should feed it small pieces of meat with the help of rounded chopsticks. Diet consists of nectar, insects, and spiders but will also take tree sap from woodpecker drillings. Welcome to my own little place on the internet! Let’s take a look at what hawks eat and the most common prey for each species. Larger seeds if filled with a mixed seed blend may get stuck and block the feeding ports. Their tongue is actually brushy at the tip to help them lick up nectar,” McGowan said. These feeders are best filled with only one kind of seed. I keep a container of the latter in my refrigerator door, and the only real maintenance is to toss in a carrot for them once in a while (they need to eat, too!). <