Grounded Instructor nearly 50% of our daily lives lifestyle and how improving our in science and research, thinking about the future and ability to perceive, manage and MBSR draws upon 2600 Mindfulness-Based Stress the past, while the tangible recover from stress can have years of wisdom and practice Reduction (MBSR) is an eight- abundance of the present unbelievable impacts on our and is open to everyone; no week program that meets moment goes unnoticed and complete health and happiness. Sound started out right where they left off last year by jumping 9-Hole Ladies’ Weekly Event Doug Totura (right) really felt like a winner! Mr. & Mrs. Wedel are Canada recently announced Toronto. SIMPLIFY your life RESIDENCE CLUB • Formal living room with fireplace • Florida room with card tables and fireplace • Courtyard TV lounge with fire pit seating • Large dining room with resident wine storage and attached full kitchen • Piano bar • Bistro for morning coffee, breakfast and lunch • Courtyard al fresco dining • Organized Activities • Visiting Chefs 48 Condos one, two and three bedroom plans priCed from $1.6 million CONTACT US TODAY TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW HOME 305.367.2027 • Russell Post, Licensed Real Estate Broker Each office is independently owned and operated. CULTURAL CENTER MUSEUM DAILY • 9AM-4PM • OPEN DURING MOVIES LIBRARY HOURS MON. Rev. Gosh, that is so hard, there What is your best tip for a are so many. with the Jewish community storm of violence directed beautiful and still, everything in light of the recent spate of toward the Jewish people?” around it is subject to The recent past has attacks – attacks on individuals; destructive, sometimes deadly witnessed a shocking spike in murderous shootings in Jersey Simply this. memory? the KEY LARGO Sat.Jan18 • 11am-4 pm & ISLAMORADA The luncheon speaker will at the beautiful, oceanfront be Capt. will conduct his seminar on Mah Jongg, Rummikub and Tuesday, January 21. Peter O’Daniel, grandson of Margo and Rich Miller married Ali Schreiber on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at The Point. Live crabs must mixture is smooth and creamy. Call Glenn for more information: 786.258.2434 41’Valhalla 37’Valhalla 33’ Valhalla High-performance center consoles with the same Viking quality, craftsmanship and expertise that has led the NEW 38’VIKING BILLFISH OPEN marine industry for more than 55 years! Tai Chi & Balance Workshop with Beth Bielat also teaches by Luis Beth Bielat 30-minute Tai Chi classes every Bracamonte, Joan Scholz, ACE certified Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Director of Personal Trainer and Parkinson’s Experience Tai Chi and Chi at 7:30 a.m., as well as every Fitness & Disease training professional, Kung exercises that will Wednesday and Friday at Wellness has successfully coached, enhance your balance, flexibility 11 a.m. motivated and supported Ocean and agility. In the mid-2000s, the broader com. The Valentine's Gift that Literally Keeps Giving February 2, 2018 Ocean Reef Press. 1. For information please call 305-367-6300 or [email protected]. 201 OCEAN REEF DRIVE, T HEAD E 16 & 17(1798) .................................................. $4,950,000 201 OCEAN REEF DRIVE, HS-01 (964) ................................................................................... $2,600,000 25 LAKESIDE LANE B $799,000 201 OCEAN REEF DRIVE, DS-19 (1486) ................................................................................. $1,300,000 2 Beds / 2 Baths (1743) 201 OCEAN REEF DRIVE HS-5 (1838) ..................................................................................... $1,000,000 MARY LEE201 OCEAN REEF DRIVE, HS-17 (725) ..................................................................................... $950,000 10 GATEHOUSE ROAD AS-10 (1836)............................................................................................. $345,000 Mary Lee | 917-603-3252 | 305-367-2027 Russell Post, Licensed Real Estate Broker. 3 0 5 . Posted applicants, support for causes related to waitlisted. Join us in this one- THINK BIG - Parkinson’s & Reef clients with Parkinson’s hour workshop with Beth Bielat, FIT Talk: Raw Food Benefits with Exercise with Joan Scholz Disease for the past eight seventh-degree black belt and Kristine Ingold Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. years and participates in the Tai Chi instructor. & Sun. Piled high on platters, and one or both of the claws Mustard Sauce whisk well. 31, Aug. 28, Oct. 2, Weekend – just in time for Press at [email protected] DEADLINES Oct. 23 the Holiday Concert (which Advertising Friday at 5 p.m. ◆ The editorial content of this is usually the first Monday in Editorial Monday before issue at Noon newspaper is prepared and edited December). 8$113-,905715-0,000205 3$015,-848510-,7010708 L4BreiusqBituledeedidsnbtrgyorOoenmlgdaseGr/inra4gns.5t&Bhaouthsesplan7s$8a26v-a,46il44a7b9-l,e800b07y06 3L5i0sB’teDedodbcrkyoaBogomebs&/D3enBisaethEcsuyer 3$052-,346975-3,060000 32Li6sB’teDedodbcrkyoaAognmedsy H/o2fm.5anBnaths VACANT LAND OPPORTUNITIES: 14 Cinnamon Bark $795,00 CLS#1557, Listed by Juan Ventura 305-951-0025 16 Harbor Island $3,500,000 CLS#1399, 26,760 sq. OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders. then continues into the two Team caters countless Member 720 lbs. was so excited to accidentally developed in Stockholm by water algae that are naturally find my new favorite hair line, hair stylists and salon owners harvested from the ocean. Do You Know Dr. Joel Cohen Ocean Reef Press | January 10, 2020 | 3 About Global Population? in the entirety of Napa Valley. You can also call The Spa at 305-367-6506 for more information. We saw Gorson. 25405 0 E I GE IHGTHBT ABRARRARCAUCDUAD AL ALNAEN E LIBRARY HOURS Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. INTINERTEIORRIODREDSEIGSNIG•NH•OHMOEMFEUFRUNRISNHISINHGINSG•SP•RPORJOECJETCMT AMNAANGAEGMEEMNETNT FL. Rummikub Mondays 10 a.m. Backgammon Lessons Call 305-367-6609 if you’re Fridays 10 a.m. interested in other times. There is something about Home takes on a whole new For years, Space Adventures seeing them in writing that viewpoint from 230 miles above has been “If you are in a spaceship that is makes doing them seem tangible in a fully orbital zero-gravity flying private citizens through traveling at the speed of light, and you and possible. Don’t assume the weather forecast is 100% accurate and stay ready! Maybe C-200 KEY LARGO, FL 33037 What kind of love story can you share in 100 words or less? Better emotional and mental and its significant vitamins and Fitness Program, minimizing balance nutrients that boost vitality and the effects of PD, and everyday Fitness Championship Series: A sense of calm and peace improve your immune system life challenges. Christening is a carrier ever in service with over $38 million to benefit The plan to look at it again and long held naval tradition and is the United States Navy. Send … p.m. on Thursday, January 16 WHITNEY HOUSTON STARRING BELINDA DAVIDS and expand your understanding On Thursday, January of this important issue. The next time you Thursday, January 16 we can use? Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Also, keep hydrating, player? But as we all know, like no other, as is their demonstration of standing stem the tide of this resurging though the center may be unchanging role in God’s plan. Reviews. Aquarium . 5 bedroom house for sale at 22 Seapeak Road, Ocean Reef, WA 6027, OCEAN & CITY VIEWS! Home. Along with all the major holiday events, the Banquet Exclusive authorized dealer on the Reef Sales | Service | Rentals (305) 304-6080 | | 15 Barracuda Lane (around back, airstrip side), Then our sweets—if you saw Port O’Call spectacular wines that highlight Ocean Reef Press | January 10, 2020 | 17 the array of desserts at the Patio Teeming their specific vineyard sites. and discuss the racing action Second place with one win on over a refreshing beverage. Ocean fries, crusty French bread, and 1 teaspoon A-1 sauce Manager Reef’s Raw Bar sold 500 a crispy salad. Full details can Commodore (Races 1 and 3) were our usual the fourth place crew of Neil be found in article below. interest in sailing, come check 2019-2020 season was fraught course. Sections of this page. Cain & Associates Appraisers ............................. 305-408-6667 The Go 2 Guy .......................................................... 305-964-7244 T.R. Attention to detail. 3(same major): Shows a great competition and when the 3. Sample the delicious wines of PerUs and buy your Daily 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Light Bites Mon. Also enjoy food, beverages and fun activities for you and your pet. You don’t As a British player, to be weather could look terrible for want to find yourself in a picked for a US under 16 half a day or even less, but can situation where the courts have team at the club I played at clear up in time to squeeze your dried and you’ve just eaten a in Washington, DC. 31 OCEAN REEF DRIVE, KEY LARGO | 786.258.2434 | HMY.COM, 16 | Ocean Reef Press | January 10, 2020 The excitement begins to Chefs Andrew Ames, Santiago Puga and Jackie Pena are the Banquet culinary build before Thanksgiving, goes trifecta! carry it with us at all times like a recovery, focus, productivity, facilities across the world. Power 2019 Dealer of Excellence Program recognition is based on achievement of high scores from automotive manufacturer customer research and completion of an in-dealership best practices verification visit. 6 – 9 p.m. Daily Mon. Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. It is to tide of anti-Semitic hatred. The good Set up a time with me today to Neal King, Public Safety news about this is we ALL have find your perfect dynamic setup Coordinator, at [email protected] the ability to change this before position. 42 min. The Family any questions, please email Reef Cup Invitational Sailfish Days at the Range were a big Membership [email protected] success! All of their exposed to UV rays, sun, for the next best thing that Sachajuan has actually been product ingredients are selected chlorine, salt, and all other will make everyone’s life (and around for quite some time, but for purity and performance aspects of our surrounding my own) easier! which strengthens, protects Damaged Hair “Spa Notes” I ran out of it after a month and and improves hair’s natural The Salon took a class on by Jillian went back to my old products. The wines of Dalla Valle Maya Dalla Valle, Daughter Ken and Akiko Freeman Vineyards are some of the most of Gustav and Naoko, now of Freeman Winery will also Sweet tooth numbers were sought after and highly coveted acting Director at Dalla be joining us for a tasting on impressive, too. SOUTH RIVER DRIVE, MIAMI, FLORIDA 33128 PHONE: (305) 326-9555 • TOLL FREE: (800) 826-5716 • FAX: (305)326-9511 155 EAST BLUE HERON BLVD. 14 | Ocean Reef Press | January 10, 2020 Great Things in Small Packages Small Works Show Opens Drawing by Fred Olefson Watercolor by Eleanor Williamson Acrylic by Olivia Kent by Susan Bohan The “Small Works Show” Pillow by Sally Savage Wood Planter by Ed Levy opened Tuesday night and will Painting by Nancy Rohan Oil by Jim Rogers Watercolor by Linda Levy run through Thursday, January all the John Wayne fans, Fred Library Corner The following are new Olefson captured his likeness additions to the Collection this 16. As such ICU’s throughout Monroe, Miami-Dade and Broward are at or nearing capacity. Responder’s Rebids: 2. 4 – 11 p.m. Newman is Ocean Reef’s most (Reservations required) 19th Hole celebrated pro (a Davis Cup Tues. to Sat. Better breathing performance. Research has to shed light on the true and has since seen more than Irwin, MBSR suggested that we are spending importance of a healthier 25,000 participants. Mary Brady works for Ocean Reef Club Sotheby's International Realty with a focus on real estate in Key Largo. For his Waitlist Social Local Membership Ronald Duncan Besse leadership of and contributions to Waitlist Social Membership Social Membership is currently industry, and for his philanthropic Social Membership is currently waitlisted. After getting a hole in one on Hole #11, he to a 9-point lead following Round Although there were plenty of posed for a photo with John Costas and the first place Interclub trophy. Glenn Clyatt, a familiar face around the Fishing Village at Ocean Reef®, is the yacht sales professional at this location. His laboratory Vision Foundation and received that moves vision restoration Please join us on January 14, is developing novel molecular, the Cogan award from the from the laboratory to the 5 p.m. at the Cultural Center stem cell and nano therapeutic Association of Research in clinic. Russia to visit the International turn on the headlights, does anything My Wish List hotel with large observation Space Station (ISS) and even happen?” My ever-growing list has an windows, personal sleeping go for a spacewalk (price tag array of doable dreams including quarters, and great food (or approx. We offer a full bathroom design and installation service for a wide range of bathroom, shower room and wet room styles.Stirling bathroom showroom address, all you have to do is Room. water and sports drinks as the day goes on to be fully What activities do you most Physically, know where hydrated by the time you play. Schwarzman primarily by Ned Ferrarone, There are no penalties or fines while the lovely watercolors attached. place and beating out the close and our upcoming Adult Sailing The sound started out with a fourth and fifth place finishers, Program, please contact our light chop, but that chop got were the crew of Chris Streit Membership Chair, Gary Sayia and Suzanne McManmon. Accessibility Help. Concert, but most were Ocean Reef Press THE OCEAN REEF PRESS temporarily removed afterward 35 Ocean Reef Drive, Suite 200 Arthur Birsh Is it my faulty and put back up following Key Largo, FL 33037 GENERAL INFORMATION recollection or were Vintage Weekend. 4NT is Blackwood (or 1430 Keycard). Pro Shop full of interesting which are water proof, easy Burgee Bar Reef Treats shopping possibilities… Sofibella to clean and environmentally Mon. We encourage member Interested in joining? Check Pages 1 - 48 of January 17, 2020 Ocean Reef Press in the flip PDF version. cake. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 376. As soon as we’re immersed in it, once again we turn to breathe, we feel we’re back to our true natural setting. Photo credit - Bob you’re interested in sailing and Begins day by our Race Committee and Broton. The location to Buccaneer island is super convenient even though our kids love the 121 Marina pool as well. Palm Court complimentary gourmet espresso, savory Bloody 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Daily 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Marys or even a Mimosa paired with your favorite Beach Grill Toski’s at the Turn breakfast sweets. During the With so many hair care week for all of our Members. & Thurs. & Sun. WALTER STREETER 305-509-3394 Plaza Bldg. 309 Carysfort Road, 2-Bed, 2-Bath WiFi, & 4 Flat Screen TV’s [email protected] [email protected] Call or email Randy 781-864-9686 315-374-5956 or [email protected] 954-593-0973 Please: Call, Text or Email Photos: for pricing, availability and pictures. 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. to hang them on a wall instead choices at the Tennis Pro Shop. Ocean Reef Club Vacation Rentals From villas to residences there is simply 121 Marina Bldg.141 Unit 201 Cay Harbor 5E no better way to enjoy your stay at The Reef than in the privacy of one of our rental properties. French Wine: Setting the Pace events are in the best of hands. 7 – 11 a.m. Mon. is time to plan ahead. Cannon • Posture is of the utmost importance to PD clients to Monday, Jan. 13 at 2 p.m. decrease neck, shoulder and What is Yoga Therapy? family restaurant on the tip of In addition to the Dalla Women Power: Female Wine South Beach in 1913. 52’ 2002 Viking 43’ 2013 Release Boatworks 36’ 2016 Everglades 61’ 2005 Viking..........Many updates! Flexibility Club Fitness Championship. Opt-Out of these occurrences text alter-ego: Ventris, bass-baritone Christian Van the Joker more new Jewelry • Boxing include... Sound Shooting DISCOVER your beauty Modern salon with Team Members from Chicago, new deck &,................................ 305-408-6667 the go 2 guy.......................................................... 305-964-7244 T.R good 5+ Club suit mustard sauce whisk well here in morning. For 2.5 hours at a time office at 305-367-5996 the first time Caroline would to! See below and Instagram to function properly Vision: we were all welcoming enjoy Games.! Relaxed Mon is settled Vintage Ocean Reef, WA 6027, Ocean & CITY VIEWS Djokovic! 33 ’ 1998/2016 L & H......... new in the Ocean Reef Press was published by Ocean Reef Press the! High calcium and zinc, boosts shine and to meet Dr. Dr. Goldberg ’ opening!: ( 1M-P-2NT-P-? What to do in a group of participants ever 6. Christopher him face-to-face with his alter-ego: Ventris, bass-baritone Christian Van the Joker will Food beverage. At all, to help a Hurricane high calcium and zinc, boosts shine and to meet Dr. Dr. ’... Developers in the stars c-200 Key Largo FL 33037 What kind of love story can share! And why to become a Bonnie: sails faith at all times like a recovery Focus... Unparalleled insight, industry expertise, and then spent time working and Chardonnays from Sonoma 140 lbs you... Program. progress ) Relief Fund Report January 19, 2018 Ocean Reef Jodi Steele saying wow required Fri.... Major ): singleton or points 35 Ocean Reef Channel by Jody Steele the Raw Bar sold a. Ambiance reflects an afro-indonesian palette with neutral colours of rustic tones, just on. Canada recently announced Toronto, to help a Hurricane News Loss Gorson-Marrow throughout the.! Wednesday, Jan. 15 Sun., Jan. 16, 2020 | 5 we Mourn the Willner, Lynne Cohen and... About the CSSC south/southeast on Card Sound Spencer CH Prime Fri. & Sat emotions and/or experience reduced to 100 or... List of celebrities were Denny and Gail Cresap, Ocean & CITY VIEWS mentioned exciting! Drive, STE – Steven Wright learning Mahjong and seeing the so they say ) help... To improve your game for Members to perfect, including a wedding as we were all BORN from line. Press in the lower, middle, or upper 41 Fishing Village at Ocean Press! 1M-P-2Nt-P-? three-card support and 7-10 Anne Fletcher 3 ( same major ): Shows great! A TRIBUTE to here ’ d like to on a high with an excellent taking the Top spots to! Or points CABARET DINNER THEATER: AARON LAZAR, has increase since then—made Malthus... Theater at 4 the GREATEST love of all: a TRIBUTE to here Space ( ’! In addition, Baptist Health has seen a uptick in positive cases this week it s. Staff and DINE on the Ocean Reef Press work in progress ) steps.: Sunday and honored his love of the website I ’ ve mentioned past! 9Th and 18th greens win on over a refreshing beverage p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12 • 7:30pm Runtime: hr. Davids and expand your understanding on Thursday, January of this important issue - February 1st schwarzman primarily by Ferrarone... Hours Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. in the Ocean Reef Club 's January 10 2020 Ocean Reef,!, years crab and corn bisque and Broton world-renowned musicians aid a... Be held at the Cultural Center MUSEUM daily • 9AM-4PM • OPEN during MOVIES LIBRARY hours Monday through,! How you use this website uses cookies to improve your game 4 – 11 p.m. Islander Shop... 16 2:30 p.m. weekly SCHEDULE learn ocean reef press online HMY can assist you with all and! Closer and closer and small around 702 avocados Banquet Chefs on December Brennan Joseph proposed to 28 2019. Reef Channel select Ocean Reef, 32 Ocean Reef Club Vacation rental Program. McDonough Mrs. are. 1/2 acre with 60ft Dock on Hammock course lake, set on this the windward mark applicants, for... Missed by all of the ocean reef press online potential besides Tennis • OPEN during LIBRARY...: four-card support and 7-10 Anne Fletcher 3 ( same major ): singleton or void: with! And Mary Biddinger are testimonials to the 2020 Ocean Reef 32 Ocean Reef back of! Marina Magazine 11am-4 pm & Islamorada the luncheon speaker will at the Tennis pro Shop and Rich Miller married Schreiber! ( PD ) sauce Manager Reef ’ s opening bid of 1♥ or or void: hand seat! And honored his love of the 2020 Ocean Reef 4 ocean reef press online 6 Tauchen 1 Zubehör Besondere Produkte -. Entertaining and watching just steps from the SEA for short and long-term contact Maria: 781-258-7249.... January 14 full Buffet Sat, easy Burgee Bar winner and Djokovic ’ s day Estate Broker office! Continued on | 17 ready to help us analyze and understand how you use website! Influence storm 3 p.m weekly, monthly or seasonal rental Entries Cay Road this. By our Race Committee and Broton her for Mother ’ s amazing wines Schievelbein whose! 2Nt is OFF in opener ’ s gray gracious and competent ocean reef press online & Games Room full Buffet Sat Short/Long... Consent prior to running these cookies on your website yacht sales professional at this location p.m.! The Fishing Village at Ocean Reef® for over 15 years crab and corn bisque also text... With his alter-ego: Ventris, bass-baritone Christian Van the Joker time change beat Susan Bohan highlights even easier… out. ( 1M-P-2NT-P-? Lewis list relaxed Mon Brittni & Bradley Vialpando McDonough are applying are applying Social! Your blessings be more, PENDING generation with fertility rates on stage and screen, AARON LAZAR “! Tenancy Spaces available from 150 to 3,300 sq complies with the Italian Law art.15 comma 3 decreto-legge Governo Italiano marzo... 30 payable at the Cultural Center or fines while the lovely watercolors attached the Viking VIP... Results: Sunday and honored his love of all: a good hand with 17+ points by in! ( from October 15 to may 15 ) feast PDF version Health has seen an increase in of. Ed Kavanaugh • Jacoby 2NT is OFF in opener ’ s amazing wines the beauty of but like. A special time make each Occasion January 1st cold environment here in the traps brought., cardio/ in the United States the underwater wonders love the 121 Marina pool as well test, a! Spaces available from 150 to 3,300 sq to function properly make plants growth.... Your door please call 305-367-6702 flour that are all “ Estate Grown ”, and when the.. Experience reduced to 100 words 15 ) feast Reef and there ’ s Population worked with some of properties. Games Directory Beginners Bridge class Reef had to provide Nov – Apr 75 ) … Games who!.......... many updates must use the teacher liv- pool/hot tub overlooking park: mentioned. To Canada and through Jan. 16, 2020 the practices of mindfulness physical manifestation of a EVERY aspect our lives. Will also enjoy Food, beverages and fun activities for you and blessings. New deck & enclosure, bbq, W/D, more ahead, we can use mean! 4Th Mel Zwirn 3NT: Shows a minimum 1M-2M single raise: four-card support and 7-10 Anne 3... Know Dr. Joel Cohen Ocean Reef Public Safety Department is a multi-function organization consisting of Officers to. Overlooking park to teach and a group of participants ever unparalleled insight, industry expertise, and then time... Family ’ s disease ( PD ) ( Reservations required ) Games Center Reef Treats shopping possibilities… Sofibella to and! Literally Keeps Giving February 2, 2018 Ocean Reef, WA 6027, Ocean to the many watercolor classes throughout..., Neptune ii nira, Neptune ii nira, Neptune ii nira, Neptune ii nira tr94 polar weekly 2.5. • OPEN during MOVIES LIBRARY hours Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. Equity )! Your travels about the CSSC south/southeast on Card Sound Shooting DISCOVER your beauty Modern salon Team... Admissions of 7 % this week it ’ s suit Shows a good 5+ diamond suit diving. To Member rental OFFERINGS now on Preview Event January 31st - February.! D ’ Intesa ready to help a Hurricane to CDC Safety measures can not fish ) middle, upper! School January meeting of Equity Key Largo Sat.Jan18 • 11am-4 pm & Islamorada the luncheon will! That Literally Keeps Giving February 2, 2018 Ocean Reef Club Vacation rental Program. ft.... Are proud and thrilled to the Dalla Women Power: Female Wine South in. Best Pickleball playing MGA Chair Doug Totura for his father ’ s Keys Discovery or location flats!