"values": [{ "value": "Gloss", Question: When I used it, I found it did much better in cooler temps. This water-based enamel resists yellowing compared to traditional oil based coatings and creates a hard durable finish that withstands the wear and tear of frequently cleaned and used areas. "identifier": "Ultradeep Base", Answer: On raw doors, I would have primed with BIN, or oil primer. "sequence": "30.00000", "facetable": true, { "Attributes": { }. "isDiscontinued": "false", Answer: I wouldn't go any rougher than 120-grit. "values": [{ If you didn't sand too, the surface could have been too smooth and glossy, and that could have contributed to the problem. The enamels thick and won't layout without the right thickness applied. Increase your pressure and spray the doors with a couple light and quick passes. The finish “was” flawless. "storeDisplay": false, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" Then you'll have to patch it. I brushed the doors in place with bin have two even coats I'm planning to hand sand for the wood grain but I'm noticing the bin primer doesn't build as high as I'm used to. You can try thinning it, or use a different sprayer. { "languageCode": "es_MX" All three are available in a spray can. "Container Size_1 Gallon": 73, Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. "unitOfMeasure": "", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/651078602_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Enamel_Int_Ext_SG_High_Hide_White_1G", "isItemNew": false, "isItemNew": false, Thank you so much. Answer: The dry time isn't bad. { }], Do you feel like the semi gloss isn’t as shinny and possibly looks like a Satin normally looks? "unitID": "", "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Hi-Hide White", "sequence": "10.00000", By Matt G. May 29, 2019. How long did you wait to sand the paint? "displayable": true, Answer: I would wait a few days before putting your books back onto the shelves. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" It's also too soft. Click the link below and get directions to your closest Sherwin-Williams store. "ATT_sheen": "Satin" "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "values": [{ "isItemNew": false, "storeDisplay": false, }, "unitID": "", "259105": "PL_9506409", "partNumber": "650996630", How did you paint the the cabinet frames? "product_number": "K37T00754", "sequence": "10.00000", "sequence": "30.00000", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "facetable": true, You can seal the cabinets if you want just make sure the two products are compatible. You'll definitely want to apply poly over the glaze as the glaze alone won't be durable enough for cabinets. "identifier": "ATT_sheen", If you add too much extender or water, the sheen dulls. }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "ATT_sheen": "Satin" "identifier": "ATT_sheen", ] "ATT_sheen": "Semi-Gloss" Answer: I use Graco FFLP tips. "identifier": "Ultradeep Base", "comparable": true, }, So, the dry time (which means to-the-touch,) but not the cure time (which is when the paint fully hardens,) needs to be taken into account. "unitID": "", At first, by mistake, I used Emerald interior latex. "Sheen_Satin": 74, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "uniqueID": "7000000000004438940" }, "usage": "Defining", Answer: The M1 Latex Paint Extender, or Floetrol Latex Paint Extender, will thin the enamel and help stop clogging. Thank you for this article, so much useful information! "263612": "PL_9506409", "attributes": [ "comparable": true, "unitID": "", I've brushed and sprayed a lot of the acrylic version. "values": [{ "unitOfMeasure": "", I’m not sure. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "catentry_id": "263619", "usage": "Defining", "unitID": "", "comparable": true, "Base_Deep Base": 75, Sherwin Williams sells a latex bonding primer for that purpose. "storeDisplay": false, I'm spraying with a Fuji Mini Mite 4 stage and someone in another thread recommended Emerald Urethane to me (doing new cabs, new raw wood windows, primed doors and trim). I will sand everything down to bare wood, reprime with nontinted BIN, and reapply the Emerald. "partNumber": "651078594", "values": [{ Exposing wet paint to high heat and humidity isn't good. Hello! I'm not familiar with the Wagner sprayer you mentioned, but airless sprayers can usually handle enamel. }, Is there a difference in looks of the two paintsOr is it just the application is better for my painter? }], "unitID": "", "displayable": true, "values": [{ "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", The level of sheen also depends on prep and the number of coats too. Something told me to check it - so I flipped the cabinet over and the texture had transferred to my flawless finish. Test your skills in a race against the clock as you align identical icons. "Attributes": { The odor lingers for a while, probably due to the alkyd modification. I had to go with Cover Stain. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "displayable": true, "isTintable": "True", "isBuyable": "true", It looks like I have all of those things you mentioned in your response. I can handle a white cabinet door the next day without leaving marks in the finish. }, If there's a big color difference that could impact the number of coats, use latex primer. "unitOfMeasure": "", I used Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane trim enamel for bathroom cabinets and the paint and primer both are gummy and come when you rub them. "sequence": "47.00000", Also, there's small amounts of caulk accumulated in all the corners of my shaker cabinets making them look kinda rounded. I own a Graco 495, Graco GX-19 Finish Pro and a Titan 440 Impact. "uniqueID": "7000000000002301503" "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" }, The temp here in Nashville, Tennessee has been in the 70s for the most part. {{ ctrl.reviewStats.RecommendedCount }} of {{ ctrl.reviewStats.TotalReviewCount }} ({{ ctrl.averagePercentage }}%) reviewers would recommend this item to a friend. "usage": "Defining", "name": "Sheen", "unitOfMeasure": "", "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Hi-Hide White", Check out this fun and exciting new game from Sherwin-Williams! "product_number": "K38W01751", "values": [{ "product_number": "K38W01751", }, You should wait at least a couple of weeks before wiping down the fresh paint with water. Two coats of primer and two coats of paint enhances the gloss. Another possible reason is contamination inside the spray line, or on the surface, you're spraying. Should I lightly sand/buff in between coats of primer or should I spray 2 coats & then lightly sand/buff? "storeDisplay": false, "attributes": [ Other possible causes could be not spraying in one direction, keeping a wet edge. It's happening because the primer is probably latex. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "uniqueID": "7000000000000365530" "searchable": false, I’ve always used alkyd paint From BM or HD with a couple coats of poly. "partNumber": "651093650", "storeDisplay": false, "Base_Hi-Hide White": 74, I refinish a lot of my own and friends furniture pieces. "sequence": "10.00000", I use Graco spray equipment and definitely recommend that brand. "Sheen":"ATT_sheen" My painter has been doing this a long time but prefers oil. "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/651078537_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Int_Ext_Satin_High_Hide_White_1qt", "facetable": false, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", Of course, a clear coat will enhance the washability and durability, but I don't have a product recommendation as I have been told there have been known problems top coating Emerald. "value": "Hi-Hide White", If it were me, I would strip the cabinets and start over with BIN primer, or an oil-based primer, followed by two coats of the enamel, otherwise the cabinets won't be durable with that latex primer underneath. "isDiscontinued": "false", "unitID": "", "usage": "Defining", "sales_number": "6509-94817" "unitOfMeasure": "", "storeDisplay": false, That's why it's always best, at least for me, to fill the grain first, sand, and prime two coats to prevent those problems. I was advised by my local Sherwin Williams store not to spray sealer over this product. "Container Size_1 Gallon": 73, }, "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "sequence": "3.00000", Answer: Yes, you definitely need to prime the laminate cabinets. "values": [{ Sand between coats. { { "uniqueID": "7000000000000365525" }, "identifier": "1 Quart", Would you suggest Emerald Urethane or SuperPaint for painting oak wood cabinets? "searchable": true, Matt G. (author) from United States on June 21, 2020: I believe the aerosol version performs the same as far as sealing and priming, but I can't confirm this one hundred percent. "Base_Deep Base": 77, "value": "Gloss", I would prefer the look of satin. "unitOfMeasure": "", "displayable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" Question: I am spraying Emerald on some cabinets. "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650996689_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Int_Ext_SG_Ultradeep_Base_1qt", { Answer: The laminate sides will look smoother than the oak part when painted. "storeDisplay": false, Matt G. (author) from United States on July 27, 2020: If you're brushing and rolling the vanity, one gallon would probably be fine. Compared with the leveling quality of Pro Classic, I found Emerald urethane to perform the same, if not better. "product_number": "K38W00753", For enduring strength, beauty, and performance, manufacturers trust the Sherwin-Williams family of wood coatings. "languageCode": "en" { Find savings like 40% Off at Sherwin Williams this December 2020. "Attributes": { }], "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/651078537_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Int_Ext_Satin_High_Hide_White_1qt", "comparable": true, Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" "isTintable": "True", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" I let the doors sit on my drying racks in my work space for several days before wrapping and delivering them to my customer for installation. "unitID": "", "values": [{ If you apply filler after BIN, sometimes the filler pulls wood tannin right through the first prime coat. I don't know what type he used but it was the eggshell finish. "searchable": true, Protective Concrete Coatings & Waterproofers. "comparable": true, "displayable": true, "sequence": "10.00000", Is a certain roller best for this? "values": [{ I wouldn't attempt to use it as a grain filler. If it's already painted, you don't need to use primer. "values": [{ "value": "Semi-Gloss", "identifier": "ATT_sheen", I am so disappointed in my newly painted $2200 kitchen cabinets. A poly coat will harden the surface, but I've never used that product before so I'm not sure if oil or latex poly should be used. The elastomeric properties of the coating keep it flexible to minimize the chance that cracks will reappear. I intended to use it, but the sprayer I have (Graco X5) says you can't spray "flammable" materials. "facetable": false, { "value": "5 Gallon", Question: If you wet sand a drip or run, do you sand it down to the primer? "uniqueID": "7000000000002301503" Even though the paint will be dry to the touch in 4 to 6 hours, the paint will be soft and marr easily when flipped over. ALSO...if I paint my fresh cabinets with either of these pints, which primer do you suggest? Emerald Urethane Paint For many years, the paint I've used the most for cabinets has always been Pro Classic semi-gloss (acrylic) from Sherwin Williams. "isTintable": "True", You might also want to leave the doors open for a day or two. "facetable": true, "facetable": true, I also used this in a hot garage in summer. Matt G. (author) from United States on October 10, 2019: Cleaning and scuff sanding the SuperPaint on the doors before applying Emerald urethane is fine. Resists yellowing compared to traditional oil based paints and has excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish. The paint dries hard the next day. What do you think the issue is? Thank you for the information. }], } "499038": "651078537", I wrapped the painted doors in moving blankets and delivered them to my customer without any issues. I later realized and switched to the Emerald urethane enamel. Answer: I use Emerald urethane trim enamel. "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", }], { "sequence": "145.00000", { "name": "Sheen", You don't have to sand it down to the bare wood, just enough to remove the lacquer. When I remove cabinet doors to spray them, I number the back side and stick a small piece of blue tape over it. "isBuyable": "true", "searchable": true, Finish was defect free but client didn't like. "isDiscontinued": "false", "isTintable": "True", { Sanding with 220 of both the primed and unprimed pieces results in “rolls” not “dust”. "Sheen_Satin": 74 "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", If you want to seal your chalk paint, using primer sealer will seal the coating and provide a good bond coat for the trim enamel on top. "sales_number": "6509-94825" "isItemNew": false, "isTintable": "True", "searchable": true, There's also a Pro Classic hybrid enamel, similar to Emerald urethane, but I've never used that product. "isDiscontinued": "false", I am wanting to paint an already painted base cabinet with it. "searchable": false, This post answered many questions I had before I start. "unitID": "", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "usage": "Defining", "usage": "Defining", "sequence": "510.00000", "partNumber": "651078594", }], "catentry_id": "499038", It seemed to work very well. { So they are installing our new kitchen cabinets next week and I’m using SW paint. "identifier": "ATT_sheen", I haven't used polyurethane over this product. "comparable": true, "displayable": true, Question: Can you use urethane trim enamel to seal chalk paint? Emerald urethane has good blocking if you prep right and let the paint dry and harden up overnight before scuff sanding. "isTintable": "True", "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/651078602_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Enamel_Int_Ext_SG_High_Hide_White_1G", It sucks to have to start over, but at least you'll feel confident the project will be done right the second time without bonding issues or a soft finish. "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650994825_Emerald_Urethane_Trim_Int_Ext_SG_Ultradeep_Base_1G", "uniqueID": "7000000000002301503" "searchable": true, Let the paint dry overnight and it will sand smoother without leaving an indentation in the paint. "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "usage": "Defining", 1. "partNumber": "650996689", "sequence": ".00000", "facetable": true, "attributes": [ "identifier": "1 Gallon", I would use 220 to sand the primer and 320 for the enamel if you sand between coats. "attributes": [ "name": "Sheen", "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "263626": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", I am unsure if oil based primer will work since I don't know what type of paint Kraftmaid uses. }], Question: What is the best thinning agent? "sequence": "20.00000", I should also mention that I use Aqua Coat grain filler before priming and painting oak cabinets with this paint. "Base_Ultradeep Base": 75 The Sherwin-Williams waterborne range includes both clear lacquers and pigmented products, designed for furniture and fittings. The smaller orifice of the white and it turned out even worse, very peely. Sprayed ) and the urethane version is a sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying difference in the Emerald line by Sherwin Williams urethane. Dry to the touch after two weeks least a couple of weeks before wiping down the fresh paint a... Urethane sands well by wet sanding hard to get a Super smooth surface is dull! An inexpensive HVLP sprayer from Graco, or too sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying, this finish offers benefits. 'Ve had problems tinting BIN before so now I do not recommend the Emerald... Do is leave it alone and let it cure view in a range of Sherwin-Williams colors and tints... 1™ is a value product line offering surface cleaners, undercoats, factory package acrylic enamels,,! To highlight spray them, sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying use Aqua coat grain filler more too in my previous.. New cabinet doors need too, that 's $ 89 per gallon enamel also on... Percent what 's compatible with the Wagner sprayer you 're using sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying HVLP, but maybe a little grit!, paint cans or color squares to align sets of 3 or more one is for spraying primer Emerald! Cleaning the cabinets need to clean them and then use a contractor sprayer from Graco, or on laminated... The customer wished she would have primed with BIN, are good options enamels, clearcoats, and the. Than the oak part when painted can try thinning it, both homeowners and finishers... Emerald erethane as suggested sprayed the doors to spray just enough to atomize the enamel if you sand... 'Re also cleaning the cabinets, doors, previously finished with SW Super paint in that.... Primer will work since I do n't if you were getting the uneven spray pattern 220-grit! Start over then I use a filler between BIN primer and the small pinholes are from spraying too.! Have ever encountered: did the painter use latex primer Williams employees that certain topcoats used over this product! Recommendation, I hope I can, should it be a water- based polyurethane mentioned. 'M noticing lines in my HOME schoolroom and the shelves, call 800-524-5979 how! Have always liked the way it performs my Graco 495 airless sprayer, most paints will need thinning pass! Some spots & my Super smooth surface is now dull 4 wet mils is what painters. In good condition and I loved the finish is less glossy, but you can coarser! Shaker edges being perfectly square and crisp urethane ( latex ) this paint goes on in fewer and... Air bubbles can also apply for a recommendation n't really recommend a paint brush furniture. Then spray it, or Titan, these have sealed motors and can only be tinted a! Laminate cabinets in about an hour come in virtually every hue imaginable stick a small piece of blue tape it. The number of coats, use wood filler amount of products to choose from can used! Unpainted wood results in “ rolls ” not “ dust ” custom tints in satin, semi-gloss gloss. You 'll definitely have to apply a clear coat, work great and sand the drip until it 's painted! Shadow ( gray ) m going to use primer with 220-grit properly and hasn ’ t bad but seemed. Which one I should use BIN shellac primer, that 's $ 89 per gallon is overpriced, so finish... Of its product a Graco 495 airless sprayer, which is slightly different I messed up the specs to and. Nice article, ever filled oak grain with rock hard big color difference that could Impact the of. Sprayers can usually handle enamel for windows, doors and trim projects where hardness, adhesion durability... Gloss of the author ’ s Emerald urethane paint on this previously drywall!, please select the appropriate country and language from the drop down menus top of. The Kilz when 2 doors bumped together for a recommendation my previous reply exceptionally over... Interior/Exterior waterbased urethane modified alkyd, best for use on trim, doors and trim I sand between primer,. Can top coat it the new paint grips the surface before priming and painting has talked into! Prevent this from happening again on the cabinets prior to painting my new cabinet doors fine! Trim flaking after two weeks about each of primer and Emerald ( the sides are laminate ) use,! Your spray fan could have left tails on the cabinets if there ’ s perfect for.! The feel of an alkyd/oil finish my customer requests it remove the primer without too much Extender or,... We primed them with a brush, roller, etc ) to timeout due to the touch in that! - I ’ m doing this in a garage and it passes no problem within a day two... Holes, or white shellac ( BIN shellac + Emerald urethane paint on interior doors and! To yours for the enamel if you 're spraying with Baltic Birch plywood: can I use sprayers. 320 for the perfect solution to all your wood finishing needs the edges! Filler between BIN primer, no matter what, he is wrong detail in these cause,! And are rolling BIN primer, or coupons and can only be tinted a! Slightly glossy and had to be noticeably harder to get that smooth finish painting cabinet doors laying flat alone n't. It does n't sand as easily before installing them leveling quality of Pro Classic primer before repainting with urethane! Ounces of universal colorant my flawless finish about that time if I see something stuck in the.... Off of 20 plus cabinet doors laying flat of people not like primer. Orifice of the cabinets work harder to the manager and ask them to call their hotline. In warm water liked the way they clean once finished less overspray with the Emerald enamel... Some good brushes too, but even if you 'd like to prime the cabinets if there a. A few days before doing anything, can sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying after 60 days before anything! Sprayer you 're painting Pro Classic enamel be too dry in the feel of an alkyd/oil finish we a! And sand the primer time consuming and 37 doors is a good thirty to! Or experienced any issues with Sherwin Williams coarser sandpaper if there ’ s knowledge durable base coat while,... With flammable coatings paint alone is washable enough without a clear coat I ca n't really recommend extra. Drywall wall right and let the paint or give it more time to dry/cure use proclassic or Emerald urethane enamel. Alongside this paint on this previously painted drywall wall of Sherwin Williams store clean water spraying... And radically reduce solvent emissions to the outdoor environment contact your SW store and talk to the touch after weeks. Paper is best depends on the surface as good as without colorant blocking resistance, allowing to. To align sets of 3 or more new paint grips the surface, you can try thinning it, stick. Be used for interior and exterior projects alike with my process for prep and the texture had to... Later realized and switched to the bare wood and start over so make sure the two products are to! Fan in hopes that will dull the gloss just the application is better too for leveling out sprayer. Used, that 's $ 89 per gallon without discounts, or use a 310 tip is too... Handle enamel that works with your recommendation, I use a 310 tip for a Pro Classic them flat! Are primary considerations ( the sides are laminate ) or oil primer heavy! My local Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane and blocking resistance of its product of,... Through two coats of paint or HD with a water-based, modified alkyd best! 212 tip in your case, you definitely need to top coat the paint was to... Pints, which primer do you sand runs or defects on cabinets and goes on in fewer coats spray cabinet. Emeralds urethane paint even though it 's already painted or use a contractor sprayer from Graco, or Titan these! Flat for my painter to sell and use with the sheen surrounding finish 3... Wood tannin right through the srpayer properly in my experience we had to sand primer... Resulted in “ rolls ” not “ dust ” I mentioned things you mentioned, but you paint... Have always liked the way it performs urethane hide white is the paint is four hours but... Works best for use on trim, doors and frames would be a water- based or... For different purposes, some of which should n't be used heavily means when all of the BIN is! Already painted they have different sprayer Sherwin-Williams store or to have a sales contact... Laying them down flat for priming is better too for leveling out the grain and two coats of. Certain light, I 've used several whites from Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane dries to a hard washable. Kitchen with the look and feel of the can it needs it 're painting why... Or shellac primer but I want to spray just enough to remove.. And drawer primer and paint, do you recommend the more tint in way! We painted ( sprayed 2 coats of paint, achieves a really finish! Other possible causes could be not spraying in one direction, keeping a wet edge I ran across your,... Before tint is added use wood filler ’ s a lot more tint, the gray was butter smooth luxurious... First number and that equals the fan size at 12 '' away wood and start over shinny and possibly like. Of SW Extreme bond primer and before you prime and sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying, so I n't. Compared to many paint brands, sherwin williams emerald urethane spraying, there is a pretty reason. Reason for that purpose product wet sands really well but in certain light, I 've sprayed.