These traditional models are 42 to 43 inches high and 25 1/2 to 27 inches deep. Family size is one of the major factors in calculating washer size. Some washing machine might be plugged in regular 110 volt electric outlet, some will require higher voltage and 220 – 240 volt electric outlet has to be installed prior to connecting the washer or dryer. Manufacturers vary the size of each machine slightly depending on the model. In addition, the clearance that washers and dryers require for ventilation which is generally 100mm. If you need one with a larger capacity, check the front loaders. Black washing machines look great in contemporary kitchens, adding a bit to style to the traditional white washing machine. A large washing machine will be able to accommodate at least 8-9 kg (17-20 pounds) of clothes. google_ad_height = 90; 1-2 people: A washing machine with a capacity of 5-6kg is perfect for the smaller household, who typically do the laundry less than 4 times a week. Not only is it stressful to be constantly washing and drying, trying to keep on top of an ever-growing laundry pile, it’s also not good for your washer. I chose a healthy mix of common brands and models, and a few more obscure ones. Separate dryers usually made same sizes as washing machines and in many cases manufacturer offer the gas or electric dryer to match with exterior dimensions of the front or top load washer. Bigger 4.6 cubic feet capacity and 45 inches high washing machines might weight as much as 150 – 180 pounds (68 – 82 kilograms). Second row is a metric system – washer width, height and depth in centimeters, capacity in liters. But, typically, you’ll see sizes around 60cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 85cm (height). //-->. Standard Washing Machine Size The standard washing machine has a size of 600mm wide, 600mm in depth and 850mm high. Choosing a new washing machine based on size and / or brand alone is not a good idea. Top-loading washers with an agitator are generally 27 to 27 1/2 inches wide. A standard washing machine in the UK measures 84-85 cm high, 59.5-60 cm wide and 50-60 cm deep. Same Day delivery 7 days a week £3.95, or fast store collection. 3-4 people: For the average UK household, a 7-8kg washing machine would be an ideal size for regular laundry days with the space for adding larger items such as bath towels. Even if you have space in your home for the biggest machine … What are the standard dimensions of a washing machine? As you can see, there is a small amount of variation. More likely, you’ll be able to fit in two cubic feet of laundry, while leaving room for the machine to do the work. Please refresh the page and try again. So if you're considering buying a 3.5 cubic foot top load washing machine, that doesn't mean you'll be able to fit 3.5 cubic feet of laundry in there. //-->. Tub capacities of models in our washing machine ratings range from 3.2 to … Explore the selection of washing machines to find one that suits your needs. So it makes sense to delve a little deeper and get the best model for your budget. These machines will run far more efficiently if they’re not over-filled, and you’ll find that your energy use plummets if you invest in something a little larger, that you have to run less regularly. Your clothes will dry more quickly in a dryer with a large capacity because they have space to breathe, so don’t overfill these machines just because they have a large capacity than their matching washers. Our washing machine buying guide will take you through all the important features for you to consider, and give you lots of information to help you pick the best washing machine. Smaller drum sizes will have a smaller depth, but some large models can be quite slim. One of the many reasons buying a new washing machine can be daunting is that very few of us actually know what a cubic foot actually is, in real terms. The height and width measurements are usually the most important, as it doesn’t matter if a washing machine sticks out a bit into the room as long as it fits width and height ways. Kids can be messy, and you’ll likely be going to extra lengths to make sure that their clothes and bedding are sanitary, so parents should be realistic in considering not just how much laundry they accumulate in a few days, but how often they’re running washing cycles right now. Laundry centers much heavier and one unit typically range from 220 lbs (100 kg) to 260 lbs (118 kg). Extra-large load: If you have an HE machine, then an extra-large load at full capacity is around 21lbs. /* Top ads 728x90 */ Nobody likes to root around in their dresser, only to find that they’re out of clean shirts or pants, so don’t force yourself into this position by buying a washer that’s too large for your needs. Front load high-efficiency washers can range from 4.0 cubic feet to an extra large capacity of 5.0 cubic feet. Washing Machine Load Sizes Why the load capacity you think you're buying might not be the capacity you're getting . the maximum weight of dry laundry that it can hold. You will need to make a note of the width so that your new integrated washing machine will sit in-between your current appliances or cupboards. google_ad_slot = "1049003120"; While the majority of traditional front- and top-load washers measure roughly 27 or 28 inches wide and 30 to 35 inches deep, their height dimensions are quite different. Full-size washers and dryers; Side-by-side: This common layout works equally well for all washer and dryer types. Get set for compact washing machines at Argos. Visit our corporate site. Compact washers are normally 2.30 to 2.45 cubic feet, while standard and high efficiency top-load washers may range from 3.1 to 4 cubic feet. According to Compact Appliance, “four cubic feet is enough to wash 12-16 pounds of laundry. Best Large Capacity: Maytag MVWB965HC 6.0 cu. After all, you're likely to be stuck with your new appliance for a number of years. How to Determine Adequate Washing Machine Size. Standard washing machine dimensions chart. That said, although it's not advised to overfill a fridge, it's far more dangerous to stuff your washing machine drum full to the brim of laundry. A larger capacity unit at 4.5 cubic feet can hold up to 20 pounds of laundry.” A 3.5 cubic foot washing machine will fit a queen-size comforter, but it will struggle to accommodate a king-size. Laundry keeps coming, but a washer with a large capacity can minimize the chore of cleaning it. Blomberg LWF174310W 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White - A+++ Energy Rated This is going to depend on the KG load. As a general rule, the larger the family, the larger the washing machine. Large load: A large load in an HE machine is approximately 11lbs.